Flat Real Estate extensive database of sellers and buyers is something that no other agency can match. This invaluable local, national and international exposure ensures that no stone goes unturned when it comes to securing the best possible outcome for you.

We care for our clients; attention and a commitment to excellence in every facet of our business is a ritual we always preserve. We’re entirely focused on our clients and their best interests are at the heart of every single decision we make. We know how important it is to feel supported and at ease.

Communication is key at Flat Real Estate. There’s a high degree of interaction between our agents to provide you with the most impressive support possible. Our people are far and away our greatest asset. We ensured employing individuals who share our vision and values that is why our family continue to grow so rapidly.



Flat Real Estate embraces innovation and dedication. We have an ongoing commitment to remaining at the forefront of real estate – something which we consider a particularly worthy investment for our clients.

Our knowledge and focus has positioned us as one of the most progressive real estate agency in operations today.

We’re committed to maintaining strong focus on ongoing training and
development to our agents to keep a professional and dedicated service at your

We work cohesively to drive towards new horizons.



We adopt an advanced system which effortlessly matches buyers and sellers in a
highly targeted manner to give your property optimum market presence and the
best chance of success.

We aim to expand upon our vast referral network to translate a better service and proven results for our clients as we know from experience the best price obtained for a property.

Our vast database network sets us apart from other groups and provides the most valuable and cost-effective marketing tools at our disposal. It also facilitate the ongoing relationship with our past and present clients.